You on Your Best Day

Michael is a passionate believer in servant leadership. His super objective is that people should be better off as a result of having spent time with you – every meeting, every event, every day. He’s a proponent of frequent feedback and that leader and communication excellence continues beyond “Act 1” (work) into “Act 2” (home life). There should be seamless transition between professional and business, group and individual communication. Authenticity and believability is paramount. The same skills an actor uses for outstanding performance are needed to be a top of the game leader and a communicator. All of these choices must be made with intentionality.


Keynote Speeches: Michael presents on many topics for large and small audiences, all focusing on communication and leadership. Topics include:

  • Best Performance by an Executive in a Leading Role
  • How to Make People Feel Valued in a Tough Economy
  • Seeing the Lighter Side (how to effectively use humor)
  • TSP: Putting the FEED back into FEEDBACK
  • You On Your Best Day
  • How to Shine in the Corporate Limelight
  • It’s Showtime!: How to turn Presentations into Performances
  • Head, Heart and Groin: How to be a Chameleon in Business
  • How to Make Shoppers and Buyers Feel More Valued in Today’s Economy
  • Micro-Messaging: All the Other Things Outside of Content
  • Charisma, Presence, Likeability: Can They Be Learned?

These can all be done as part of break-out sessions as well.

Workshops: Michael customizes workshops based upon the client’s objective. These last between a half day and three days. All are hands-on, with lots of dynamic audience participation. Performance, leadership and communication skills are emphasized.

All Keynote topics above can be the focus of any workshop. Other specific topics are:

  • Group dynamics evaluation
  • Appropriate and method for demonstrating passion and energy
  • Relaxation and concentration
  • How to motivate others through excellence during stressful times

One-on-One Coaching: Michael works in person, on Skype and on the telephone with leaders at all levels to heighten self-awareness. Concrete action items are always given based upon the client’s stated objectives.

Speech Coaching: Michael treats a speaker’s presentations the same way he treats actors when he is directing a film or play. His coaching is detailed and specific. He works on preparation – including speech writing – as well as execution, choreography and Power Point selection and use. Formats include one-on-one, small groups and larger workshops.

Personalized Entertainment: Michael writes, directs and performs customized musical comedy entertainments and roasts to celebrate corporate and private events. These range from awards banquets to retirement and personal parties to annual meetings to offsite retreats. He solicits information from the client and weaves it into a creative show, often featuring professional actors and musicians.

Improvisation: Michael is a seasoned professional improviser. He conducts improvisational seminars, where participants are performing throughout. Objectives include pushing members outside their comfort zone, team building, accessing creative energy quickly and exploring verbal and non-verbal communication in a non-judgmental environment.

Couples and Family Retreats: Michael has worked with entire extended families, groups of families, family businesses and couples creating workshops that combine communication, family leadership, empathy and creative improvisation.

Master of Ceremonies: Michael is a professional actor / director (SAG/AFTRA, AEA, SSDC) and is a master entertainer who can bring life to even the most ordinary events.

Writer: Michael can craft speeches, presentations, and song lyrics, as well as complete personalized entertainments. He is also an experienced ghostwriter.


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